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Luna Counseling Center provides counseling and therapy services to married and unmarried couples. While many associate couples counseling or marriage counseling with a sign of weakness in the relationship, the purpose of counseling and therapy is simply to improve communication and understanding and build a foundation for a stronger relationship. Psychotherapy can help you and your partner communicate more effectively with each other and develop skills to grow together.

Marriage Therapist Denver CO

How can a marriage and family therapist help us?

Relationships are not simple – especially when marriage, planning a family and parenting become factors in the relationship. With any couple, a lack of communication can lead to a disconnect in the goals and feelings of each person involved. Inadequate communication can cause feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, and depression in a relationship. These feelings can grow quietly inside of a marriage and lead to much larger problems in the future if they are not addressed properly.

This is where seeing a marriage and family therapist can help. Luna Counseling Center therapists can help you both openly communicate with each other about your relationship. Our approach focuses on psychotherapy related to reproductive mental health, which means we can help you through decisions and feelings surrounding pregnancy, parenting, postpartum depression, and much more. While these are not exclusively the focus of marriage therapy, usually one or more of these issues are the sources of the lack of communication.

Please contact Luna Counseling Center at 720-277-6125 for more information on marriage and family counseling.