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Luna Counseling Center provides abortion support services with counselors and therapists that are specifically trained to handle mental health and wellness when it comes to issues surrounding abortion. Sometimes, having a counselor or psychotherapist to speak with about your decision can help ease feelings of sadness, regret, or isolation that may come with the decision to have an abortion.

Abortion Therapist Denver CO

What should I expect when speaking with a Counselor or Therapist about abortion?

For many women, making the decision to get an abortion is extremely difficult, and can weigh heavily on emotions and feelings. Hormones and lifestyle changes can play a huge role in affecting your mental health and wellbeing after getting an abortion, amplifying or causing feelings of guilt, regret, shame, or sadness. Many women do not have the support of their friends or family during this difficult decision, which can lead to feelings of isolation from loved ones and self-loathing.

Even if you are still in the process of discussing the decision with your family or haven’t yet made the decision for yourself, it can be a harrowing and distressing situation to try and navigate. Seeking help from a reproductive mental wellness professional can help you cope with your decision properly, and empower you to move forward confidently.

Luna Counseling Center works with women who have recently had an abortion or seeking advice and counseling about unplanned pregnancy. Psychotherapy can help those suffering from emotional issues and depression related to abortion by using researched and proven therapy methods to resolve reproductive mental issues.

Please contact Luna Counseling Center at 720-277-6125 for more information on abortion counseling and support groups.