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Postpartum Depression Therapists | Pregnancy, Infertility, and Baby Loss Counseling in Denver, CO | Luna Counseling Center

Luna Counseling Center specializes in Reproductive Mental Wellness and concerns with pregnancy and parenthood. We provide services to adolescentsadultscouples, and groups. Through the process of counseling, one can explore emotions, thoughts, and concerns.

This process of self-exploration with a trained therapist helps one to achieve a sense of balance, empowerment, and peace. Having the ability to seek support during a difficult time is a sign of strength. It is okay to admit that doing it alone is no longer working. Counseling and psychotherapy is tool that can be used to help you feel balanced and more empowered in your day-to-day life, and can be valuable even if you aren’t feeling stress, anxiety, or depression.

All of our therapists here at Luna Counseling Center are certified and trained specifically to deal with topics relating to Reproductive Mental Health and Wellness. In addition, Luna Counseling Center offers support groups for those dealing with reproductive wellness, including those struggling with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety or even those who are just feeling anxious or stressed with the challenges of being a new parent. If you are looking for the best Denver Postpartum Depression Therapy, Luna Counseling Center welcomes you with open arms.

What is Reproductive Mental Wellness?

Reproductive mental wellness or reproductive mental health refers to issues surrounding pregnancy or early parenthood. These might include prenatal or perinatal mood disorders, postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), postpartum anxiety, infertility, miscarriage or infant loss, teenage pregnancy and many other issues.

Reproductive issues can often cause feelings of isolation, hopelessness and devastation. Our culture tends to overlook reproductive concerns and expects you to “just get over it.” You do not need to struggle alone in silence. We are here to walk with you and guide you on your path to healing. Some of the issues one might seek counseling for are:

Pregnancy Loss

Losing a pregnancy can be physically and emotionally challenging.

Early Infant Loss

The loss of an infant can be isolating and devastating.

Perinatal Mood Disorders

Many woman suffer from anxiety and depression in pregnancy and postpartum.

Parenting Support

Parenthood brings many rewards, but the challenges can be exhausting.

Traumatic Birth

A traumatic birth or unexpected issue can cause emotional and physical challenges.

Teenage Pregnancy

Getting pregnant when you’re not ready can bring feelings of anxiety.


Letting go of a pregnancy can be physically and emotionally grueling.


Infertility can cause feelings of hopelessness and insecurity.

Psychotherapy can help you!

~find balance~
~feel empowered~
~let stress go~
~heal from trauma~
~strengthen relationships~
~overcome obstacles~
~increase confidence~
~reconnect with your body~
~process grief~
~enhance spirituality~
~discover inner peace~
~renew hope~

How can a Counselor or Psychotherapist help me?

Seeking counseling or psychotherapy for postpartum depression or any other reproductive issue is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. Many people associate seeing a counselor or therapist with negative connotations when this is not the case at all. In fact, recognizing that something is not quite right with your mental health can be the first step into discovering inner peace and strengthening your self-resolve.

At Luna Counseling Center, we are familiar with all of the challenges that women face when it comes to pregnancy, parenting, and child loss. Having a child is one of the most rewarding aspects of human life, which in turn makes the mental health issues surrounding this joyous event even more difficult to navigate yourself. Depression, anxiety, and stress are very often associated with pregnancy and parenting, and many women suffer silently or assume that there is nothing that can help.

No matter what your experience, a counselor or certified therapist can help you discover issues surrounding your reproductive mental wellness, and put you on a path to self-empowerment. The therapists at Luna Counseling Center use a specialized approach to reproductive issues no matter what you are going through. You can find balance and support during this trying time in your life.

While reproductive mental health issues affect almost all women, the experience can vary greatly from individual to individual. Some may experience overt signs of depression and anxiety due to hormonal and lifestyle changes, while others may simply struggle with the feeling of being overwhelmed by the challenges of parenthood.

While Luna Counseling Center specializes in Reproductive Mental Health and Wellness, we also provide counseling for many other general issues. These might include anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, relationship concerns, life transitions, spiritual concerns, identity conflicts, and much more.

Please contact us at 720-277-6125 if you have questions about counseling or would like more information.

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