Afterglow: Postpartum Support Group for Struggling Moms

FREE 60-minute Virtual Support Group

Thursdays at Noon, Beginning February 15th

Sara Henninger, LMFT
(303) 710-9070

Space is limited! Please call Sara directly to reserve a space.

Babies Welcome

Donations are greatly appreciated!

Are you struggling with the transition of adding a baby to your family?

Are you experiencing anxiety, sadness, anger or intrusive thoughts?

Perhaps this experience is more difficult than you anticipated?

You are not alone!

Come join other mamas as we walk this journey together - offering support from each other and coping skills from a therapist.

Join us for a safe and supportive 60-minute virtual session where you can meet other moms experiencing the difficult transition of adding a new baby to the family.

Here at Luna Counseling Center, we specialize in walking with women through the struggles that can arise during the postpartum period. We strive to help you find hope and healing. Through peer parent support and understanding of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, we will discuss raw and real questions such as , “Why am I feeling anxious, depressed, or unlike myself?” Here you will be able to safely share thoughts and feelings you fear no one else will understand. Together we will facilitate change in your life so you can once again marvel at the idea of being a parent.