Teenage Pregnancy Counseling

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Luna Counseling Center offers counseling and therapy for those who are struggling with a teenage or unplanned pregnancy. A counselor or trained therapist can help you achieve mental wellness and stability while going through this tough period in your life. Psychotherapy can help strengthen your spirit and empower your mind to overcome any obstacle.

Teen Pregnancy Therapist Denver CO

Why should I consider a counselor or therapist for a teenage pregnancy?

While pregnancy can be an extremely joyous and exciting occasion, the truth is that many women get pregnant when they are not ready – particularly those who are in their teenage years or are very young. This can cause many feelings of uncertainty, fear, hopelessness, and anxiety. When this situation occurs, it can be confusing and frightening for a teenage girl, particularly when they are receiving mixed responses from friends and family in terms of support and judgment.

Many teenage girls feel as if they aren’t ready, or that pregnancy will get in the way of enjoying their youth. It can feel as if your life is ruined and that there is nobody who can understand what you are going through. Speaking with a certified and specially trained counselor or therapist can help ease the mind of a young teenager, and make clear all of the options available. Adolescents often have enough mental health challenges when it comes to day-to-day life, that a pregnancy can further complicate this already difficult time in life.

Luna Counseling Center has reproductive mental health therapists who are specially trained to speak with women and teenage girls about mental health issues relating to pregnancy and parenting. Our psychotherapy approach helps explore emotions, thoughts, feelings, and concerns to help you make every decision with a happy and healthy mind.

Please contact Luna Counseling Center at 720-277-6125 for more information on teenage pregnancy counseling and support groups.