Jill Oulman


Licensed Psychotherapist

Jill Oulman is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) who works with a variety of concerns with a focus on Reproductive Mental Wellness. She works with individuals and couples as they navigate the emotions which often accompany challenging reproductive experiences. Jill connects with clients through pregnancy, fertility treatments, infertility, pregnancy loss, or navigating the postpartum period. She also facilitates a variety of support groups. 

Jill received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies in Santa Barbara, California before moving to New York City. After relocating to Denver in 2006, she earned her Master’s degree in Counseling and has been enthusiastically working in the therapy field since 2010. She has gone on to receive specialized training in reproductive mental health. 

Jill is passionate about uniting with clients through painful and difficult seasons of their life. Her therapeutic approach is Adlerian focused which means she believes an individual’s circumstances shape their perceptions, but he or she is not bound by them. She understands that elements of one’s past influence one’s perceptions of present circumstances. Therefore, counseling is a joint collaboration between client and therapist focused on identifying and changing misguided beliefs. She also utilizes Positive Psychology in her sessions and believes counseling can make normal life more fulfilling. She believes personal growth and healing should take place in an environment of acceptance and understanding. Clients should have a sense of belonging and support without fear of guilt or shame. Jill’s therapy sessions are a place for clients to feel secure in experiencing the freedom that vulnerability without judgment provides. In addition to her experience as a psychotherapist, Jill has also presented at various organizations most specifically on the topic of Secondary Infertility and Fertility support. 

You may contact Jill directly at:
Phone: 303-335-5350
Email:  joulman@LunaCounselingCenter.com