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At Luna Counseling Center, we specialize in counseling, therapy, and support for those who have gone through the loss of an infant or child. The loss of an infant can be extremely devastating and cause feelings of isolation, hopelessness, and depression.Infant Loss Therapist Denver CO

Infant Loss Counselors and Therapists

Unfortunately many families have to go through this painful experience every year, and it isn’t always clear who you can turn to for help. Baby loss can be particularly devastating, as it happens in a time when hope and happiness are plentiful. It can cause grief and depression at the loss of what could have been. The greatest fear of any new parent is losing a baby that you have invested into with love and anticipation. Often times losing an infant causes mothers and parents to turn inwards alienating friends, family, and even spouses as a result. It can feel like there is nobody to talk to that can understand the pain and grief that you are going though.

Luna Counseling Center has infant loss counselors that are here to help with healing from the grief of losing a baby or infant. Learning to process grief can be a powerful tool to gain confidence and purpose back into your life, and help you manage and cope with how you think, act, and feel in the wake of losing a child. Seeking counseling for baby loss can help.

Please contact Luna Counseling Center at 720-277-6125 for more information on early infant loss counseling and support groups.