A New Mourning: Healing After Pregnancy Loss

This group is currently unavailable. Please visit the link below for pregnancy and infant loss support:

A 10-week therapy group for women who have experienced pregnancy loss at some point in their lives, even if it was years ago. It is never to late to go back and grieve an event that never had a chance to be grieved. This group is open to women who have had a loss anytime during the pregnancy, whether it was an early first trimester loss or a late term loss. The length of a woman’s pregnancy does NOT equal the amount of grief she experiences. This group is designed to incorporate many different types of unintended loss at all stages of pregnancy. In this group we will explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each woman’s loss. Each woman will discover and embrace the personal sense of meaning her pregnancy loss holds. Through the use of art therapy, ritual, and support, each woman will be guided through a process of grieving and healing.

Please call Brooke directly at 720-277-6125 soon to reserve a space!

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