Denver Broncos

Things to do in Denver: Denver Broncos at Mile High

Located in Denver, Colorado, the Broncos are perhaps one of the most successful franchises in the National Football League. As members of the AFC west division, their first season was back in 1960 and they have enjoyed some real success since their initial creation as a team. Playing at the at Mile High, they have also had a total of five different players added to the Hall of Fame which is in itself an amazing feat.

Denver Broncos

Success is a Tradition

Since the beginning of the team the Denver Broncos have had a lot of success including three Super Bowl victories in 1997, 1998 and 2015. Furthermore, they also have a total of eight conference championships and have only had 7 seasons where they have ended with a losing record over the year since 1975. That is in stark contrast to their first seasons where they struggled to make their mark until they had a major breakthrough in 1977 when they reached the play-offs for the first time and ultimately made it all the way to the Super Bowl itself.

However, they do also share a record that they wish they didn’t have next to their name with a total of five Super Bowl losses which is a record that they share with the New England Patriots.

Famous Players

Perhaps the most famous player has to be John Elway, the star quarterback that dominated an era for the Broncos. They have also had Peyton Manning as a quarterback for a number of years meaning they have had two stellar players in that position over the years. With famous players, you could also throw in the likes of Terrell Davis and Floyd Little who represented the toughness and unity of the team across a number of seasons.

To check them out, then you will get to check out the stadium at Mile High and its 76,000 capacity. The stadium is also host to a number of concerts through the year with tickets for any event readily available.

If you are a sports lover and in the Denver area, then checking out the Broncos and experiencing the passion of the fans is something that really should appear on your list of things to do. It will be something that you will never forget.