Lizzy White


Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Lizzy is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate who grew up on the Central Coast of CA where she attained her Bachelor’s in Sociology. Motivated to dive deeper into counseling, she pursued and completed her Master’s in Counseling with an emphasis in Wilderness Therapy at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, graduating in 2022.

Since 2021, Lizzy has been dedicated to her role as a play therapist, specializing in assisting children facing behavioral challenges and parents navigating parenting difficulties. She desires to incorporate nature into her practice as she continues to follow her passion in working with caregivers and children undergoing challenging perinatal transitions.

Lizzy’s expertise is not only rooted in her extensive mental health experience but also draws from her own life journey. Her education, knowledge, and background have collectively shaped her into the compassionate, empathetic and accepting counselor she is today.

Identifying most strongly with a non-directive, person-centered modality, Lizzy guides clients to focus on the present moment. She encourages exploration of emotions, thoughts, and bodily sensations connected to both current experiences and past challenges. Her therapeutic approach aligns with compassion, non-judgmental support, and the provision of safety, validation, and reflections.

While Lizzy acknowledges the importance of addressing unresolved challenging thoughts, patterns, and feelings, she also emphasizes the significance of a balanced perception in therapy. This involves highlighting clients’ positive traits and behaviors, fostering their ability to recognize their potential for growth, wisdom, and healing.

You may contact Lizzy directly at:
Phone: (805) 909-9659