16th Street Mall

Things to do in Denver: 16th Street Mall

16th Street Mall in Denver, Colorado is not only a mile long, but is also completely pedestrian friendly. In other words, this is going to provide you with a wonderful shopping experience and it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular areas to check out in the city of Denver as a whole.

16th Street Mall

The Mall

When you have something that is a mile in length, it does mean that there are a number of stores for you to check out, and you will certainly not be disappointed in this instance. Designed by the renowned architect, I.M. Pei, the pedestrian area is bedecked with gray, white and red granite that simply helps it to stand out from anywhere else in the city.

However, do not think that you need to walk the entire mile in order to fully absorb what the mall has to offer you as that is not the case. Instead, there are shuttle services that travel the length of it allowing you to just hop on and off as you wish making life so much easier in the process.

Shops and Entertainment

The array of things to do on the 16th Street Mall is just going to go beyond your wildest dreams. From 12 movie theatres to over 40 different coffee shops and cafes, never mind the wide range of stores selling such a variety of goods. Furthermore, the north end of the mall is immediately next to one of the most hip areas of Denver full of additional restaurants and bars should you wish to get a change of scene once you enter into the evening.

Once dark descends, horse-drawn carriages can carry you along the mall which is always looking stunning with over a million lights removing the darkness and replacing it with something that is just far more pleasant on the eyes.

Ultimately, 16th Street Mall is a completely different shopping experience in Denver and it is one that you will undoubtedly enjoy should you decide to venture out and see what it has to offer you. Remember, there is no need to walk, so make use of the shuttle or the carriages as you would hate to miss out on any part of the mall itself.