Denver Brews Cruise

Things to do in Denver: Denver Brews Cruise

Denver Brews Cruise is the perfect way to experience various tours of breweries in the Denver area while also getting to sample some of the amazing beer that will also be on offer. With so many breweries in the area to choose from, being able to take advantage of a company that has its finger on the pulse of the best breweries going will certainly make life so much easier for you.Denver Brews Cruise

The Breweries that are Available

The breweries that are available via Denver Brews Cruise will be able to showcase the absolute best of the local craft beers that are in the Denver area. Complete with owners that have nothing but a passion for producing the best beer possible, by going on a tour you will not only help them to continue producing beer, but will also find a new appreciation for what it is that they are doing.

However, this is not some cheap tour with little information as the people behind it have an extensive array of knowledge on the subject, and their ability to put across this information in an easy to follow manner just makes everything so much easier to follow.

Tours and Policies

On a typical tour, you will be taken to three different breweries and able to not only learn about their beer but also sample it at the same time. There are a number of tours available, but you should look at booking as early as possible to just make sure that you are not going to be left disappointed. Generally speaking, you are looking at a tour lasting in the region of four hours.

To take part, you can be under 21 but will not be allowed to sample anything at all. They also state that you must have a safe ride home all arranged as they are rather generous when it comes to the sampling part. Also, it takes at least four people for the tour to go ahead, and they will check the ID of everyone that goes for security reasons.

Denver Brews Cruise is able to provide you with such an entertaining four hours in Denver that you will want to sample the other breweries that you were just not able to get to this time around. With sampling available, what better way to find a new appreciation for beer than by sampling it right in its own home?