Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Things to do in Denver: Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Explore Natural History at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

With special science collections, permanent exhibitions, and more than one million history and anthropological objects, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is one of the most reputable museums in Denver if not Colorado. It’s no wonder the museum has so many visitors each year.

The Museum started in 1868 when naturalist Edwin Carter began assembling a huge collection of fauna native to Colorado. By 1892, his collection had grown so large that he sold it to a group of Denver citizens. They used Carter’s collection, a butterfly and moth exhibit, and a collection of crystallized gold to open the Colorado Museum of Natural History in 1908.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

In the century since its opening, the museum’s mission and exhibitions evolved and grew. Instead of natural history, the museum’s focus broadened to include nature and science. To reflect this shift, the museum underwent name changes – first in 1948 and again in 2000.

The Museum’s Exhibitions and Collections

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has extensive permanent collections and exhibitions for visitors of all ages. All are focused on life on earth. Some of the most popular displays include the Egyptian Mummies, the Genetic Lab inside Expedition Health, Space Odyssey, and the Coors Gems and Minerals Hall. The museum also puts on temporary exhibits every year, so be sure to check what’s on before your visit!

The exhibitions are indeed impressive, but it’s the IMAX theater and Gates Planetarium that make the museum truly special. In the theater, visitors can see larger-than-life documentaries about nature and wildlife, immersing them in the natural world. When they’re done learning about planet Earth, guests can look to the stars and discover outer space at the planetarium.

The Museum’s Mission and Commitment

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science doesn’t just host exhibitions for the enjoyment of visitors, it’s also a premier research institution. With collections in earth sciences, health sciences, space sciences, anthropology, and zoology, the museum’s Science Division is a busy place! In total, the division contains 4.3 million artifacts and specimens. These collections, as well as the museum’s archives and publications, are also open to visitors.

The museum fulfills its educational mission by hosting programs and activities. People of all ages are welcome at classes, workshops, lectures, film screenings, school programs, and summer camps. Denverites who think they’ve seen everything there is to see at the museum can head to one of these events to discover even more.

An Important Institution in Denver

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is beloved by Denverites – and it’s easy to see why. Dedication to the highest standards in learning makes the museum an indispensable part of the community. The museum appeals to tourists as well, as it’s one of the most popular attractions in the city. For those who can’t get enough of science and natural history – or who just want to learn something new – the Denver Museum of Nature and Science delivers.