Water World

Things to do in Denver: Water World

Billed as the largest water park in the whole of the United States, Water World is a place that is more than capable of providing a vast amount of fun for the entire family. Opened back in 1979, with the first water slides to even appear in the State of Colorado, the park has since gone from strength to strength with it entertaining a vast number of guests over the years.

Water World

Getting Wet at Water World

Covering more than 64 acres, Water World has over 50 different attractions with there being options available for the youngest children up to the oldest adults. As well as water slides, they also have the biggest collection of tube slides in the country if that is more of your thing, and who could forget the thrill rides where the adrenaline is going to be flowing faster than the water itself.

They are also home to the first magnetic water roller coaster which has to be seen to be believed, but it is not exactly for the faint-hearted so be prepared to push yourself to the absolute limit.

Other Attractions for the Family

Aside from the water features, there are also numerous other things for the family to do during their stay. With picnic spots scattered all over the park, there is always some place to sit down and enjoy a bite to eat with you being able to choose from a range of eateries. Food on offer ranges from burgers to pizza and so much more with this making it easier to enjoy a full day at the park without wondering where you will be able to eat.

However, the park itself is only open during the high season which is typically from the end of May to, and through Labor Day. There are also various types of passes that will allow you to keep on coming back over and over again without it breaking the bank, and if your kids love these kinds of attractions, then it will be an absolute bargain for you.

Water World in Colorado truly is fun for the entire family but just be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time at the attractions and for your children to just not want to leave as it really is that good.